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NeoPop Art-icle

Copyright 2013 Robert Klein

Copyright 2013 Robert Klein

With the birth of my new son and his interest in items with sharp contrast, I was inspired to create an image for him to ponder. We recently received a ceramic cat sculpture by the artist Romero Britto, a Brazilian American artist. I like his art a lot and thought this was a good place to start thinking about the image I would create.  Other artists that I am inspired by include the not so well known Joaquin Torres Garcia, whose work I had the pleasure of seeing when I was in Montevideo, Uruguay, as well as the more well known artists  Matisse, Mondrian, Warhol and Miro (lots more, but these are the most relevant for this piece). I feel Britto’s art is cute at times, bold and wild, lots of energy and overall very satisfying to view. Yet something this intense could be sensory overload for a two month old baby. I went onto Mondrian, my favorites of his pieces are stark and perfectly balanced, beautiful and minimalistic.  Perhaps he will forgive me for introducing the angled line, and especially the serpentine line. A dashed line? I must be crazy. Let’s not even mention that I went onto use secondary and tertiary colors. He would have demanded that I leave town.  Warhol’s and Lichtenstein’s use of color and pattern are wonderful and a strong influence, as are Miro’s shapes and lines that flow into and over each other, minus the organic and dream-like, ethereal mood.

Ok, enough of inspiration and back to the image. A few simple and cute images emerged from the delicate balance of line and space, foreground and background, some balancing and tweaking, and voila! We have something I think we can look at . Let me know what you think. Now, do I paint it, or print it at one of those shops that print paint on canvas? Seriously, who has time? between work, MBA classes and a new baby…I’ll print the first one and if I discover time and want to tweak it, I’ll paint it the old fashioned way.   Oh, and I’d really appreciate it if you could take the poll below or rate the article at the top – thanks!


One comment on “NeoPop Art-icle

  1. Ola
    January 26, 2015

    haha, it sounds charming – NeoPop Art-icle. Just confusing, because this is not NeoPop art. This
    is NeoWhimsy, a simplified NeoPopRealist (see work. NeoPop art style doesn’t use the lines and the repetitive patterns as a way of expression. Line and patterns ß these all about NeoPopRealism and its simple version – NeoWhimsies… I like your work.

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