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NeoPop Art-icle

With the birth of my new son and his interest in items with sharp contrast, I was inspired to create an image for him to ponder. We recently received a … Continue reading

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How important is Success?

Success defined To answer the question “How important is success?” one must first define success. Within a narrow focus, I define success as the accomplishment of what one has set out … Continue reading

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Export F-16’s or Twinkies?

If F-16s shot out Twinkies instead of bullets, could this new distribution model revive the Twinkie? but the Twinkie is dead…so we’d have to call them Twinkie Zombies…back from beyond…and … Continue reading

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Twinkie Demise

Why did the Twinkie go the way of the dinosaur? Or to put in another way, why did Hostess fail? Extinction due to an inability to adapt to a changing … Continue reading

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Is Mickelson Tax Position Reasonable?

Photo credit: Associated Press – Jan. 17, 2013. AP Photo/Chris Carlson Is Phil Mickelson wrong to not want to pay higher taxes? Why is  he being vilified for his position that he shouldn’t pay … Continue reading

January 24, 2013 · 2 Comments

Letter to Obama

In November 2012, I sent a letter to the president urging a less caustic approach to working with Republicans and solving our problems, including suggestions to reform the tax code, … Continue reading

January 21, 2013 · 1 Comment

Kicking the can hurts our kids

Lets kick the can down the road and not balance or budget, not cut spending, not reduce our deficit. This is another way of saying “Let’s hurt our children and … Continue reading

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